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4 reasons to get your own ad video content created by influencers today:

  1. Facebook penalizes advertisers who use content that is not original with higher costs (this makes it difficult to get a good profit margin)
  2. Original content allows you to stand out among competitors who all use other supplier content or boring content created by themselves
  3. Influencers are professionals at creating promotional ad content, from one $87 video it's possible to get a 100x ROI
  4. Without content your brand has little assets, videos and images are doing an excellent job at preselling and conversion from these ads is higher

Without original content, ads are expensive and the results are poor.

Fix this in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Order the service by clicking the Order Now button

Step 2: Get 3-5 influencers from our network who want to work with you

Step 3: Ship the products to the chosen influencer

Step 4: Receive video content and video ads for you to use on social media and paid ads platforms

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3 Days Delivery

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