Review Conversion Rate of Shopify Store

What we'll cover in the review of your Shopify store

✅ The exact problems you have in your conversion process

✅ What could you do to increase conversion by at least 30-50%

✅ Where your shoppers are getting frustrated with using your site and how can you improve the experience

✅ What are the best practices to increase average order value in your store

✅ What would be possible home page adjustments to improve navigation and overall trust of the website

✅ What elements you must have on the product page since this is where people make the decision to buy

✅ What kind of email marketing would be best for your brand

✅ What apps are missing in your store that could increase conversion or revenue

✅ How Your Website Can Increase Revenue By Upselling & How To Do It Correctly Without Decreasing the Conversion Rate


“If you are reading this look no further and do YOURSELF a favor and simply hire them. They are AMAZING at what they do. They gave me pointers on my Shopify store that professors at my MBA program wouldn’t point out or even notice Dotcom Engine will make you more money and exceed your expectations in every fashion. I will be back again and again.” - P.B.


“Nick knows what he is talking about. The information was not only impressive but more importantly, informative. I learned more in 30 minutes about my store than I have watching hours of Youtube videos and reading blogs. A++++ guys“ - Stephen D.


“I could not be more pleased with the valuable input I received. This was a personalized audit of my store with actionable suggestions, that I am implementing as soon as possible. No fluff, no BS, just straight and honest feedback. They were in constant communication and have made one customer in particular very happy indeed.” - J.A.

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"From the very beginning, I was pleased that Nick and his team have thought about all the small things related to communication, instructions and process. They already had provided an answer before I even think about it. Nick provided huge information for further studying in order to develop the store. I totally recommend Nick, his team and I'm sure our paths will cross again."

- Owner of Motorbike Lifestyle


"We love the website, and want to thank you for the hard work you and your team have dedicated to making this happen. As you said, expectations were definitely exceeded. Will leave you a review and recommend you to our friends🤩"

- Owner of Joselie