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What you Get by Working with EcomRolodex Experts

What you Get by Working with EcomRolodex Experts

100+ Feature Ideas

You can see what other Shopify store owners order and install in their stores to boost conversion and sales.

Video Resources

Videos about how to use the dashboard and how to use certain upgrades that we implement on your Shopify store.

Model Successful Stores

We work with many 5-6-7 figure Shopify stores. The upgrades we recommend are backed by data and lots of A/B tests.

Guides & Tools

We have over 30 guides and tools that will make your work as an e-commerce business owner easier and the efforts invested will be more effective.

Desktop, Tablet, & Phone

You can communicate with our team from all types of devices. The videos, guides, & tools can be accessed from smaller screens as well.

Submit Multiple Projects

Our team can handle multiple designs, optimizations, stores, types of tasks at once. Just log in to the dashboard and you can add the tasks needed one by one.

Dedicated Dashboard

All projects are managed inside our dashboard for clients. You can chat live with our team and get updates on the progress of the service. The dashboard can be accessed on desktop, tablet, and phone.


We can cover any Shopify project from a one-time tweak to a complete Shopify store from scratch.

We’re available for support 7 days per week. You can usually get a free quote for your project within 1 to 4 hours.

How can I order a service?

Create an account here and chat with someone inside our dashboard. You’re also able to browse our service catalog and order fast using credits.

What is the typical turnaround time (TAT)?

We try to complete projects within 24 hours, but most of our features have a 48 hour TAT by default.

How to proceed with multiple services needed?

You can get a free quote by submitting your list of requirements.

Can I get a demo?

You can book a 15-min call with one of our project managers by clicking here and booking a convenient time slot.

What happens when I order a service?

Inside the dashboard you’ll have your project manager in chat available to collect requirements and update you on the progress of the service.

Have more questions?

Use the chat in the bottom right corner and talk live with our team.

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Get a report about the top 10 mistakes the Shopify store owners are making in 2021 and how you can fix them.

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Get 20 Conversion-Boosting Recommendations

After working with 300+ Shopify stores we identified over 20 elements that must be present on the Shopify website to boost conversion.

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