Shopify Plus Checkout Page: 10 Examples from Best Shopify Stores

by | Aug 23, 2023


The Oodie’s Shopify Plus checkout page stands out remarkably from the standard Shopify interface, and it’s evident that they’ve invested heavily in conversion rate optimization, having funneled millions into advertising tests.

One standout feature is a timer, instilling a sense of urgency in the buyer. Additionally, a prominent bar notifies customers that they’ve “unlocked free shipping,” further incentivizing the purchase.

Most notably, The Oodie emphasizes key benefits that reduce buyer hesitation: a robust money-back guarantee, the assurance of free returns, and compelling social proof, boasting over 3 million satisfied customers. These tailored elements, integrated thoughtfully, undoubtedly enhance the overall user experience and boost conversion rates.

TheOodie Checkout


While many brands heavily modify Shopify’s standard checkout page for better conversion, Gymshark.com has chosen a more subtle approach. Unlike FashionNova, which has incorporated distinct customizations, Gymshark has retained the essence of Shopify’s original design. Their primary deviation lies in the enhanced visibility of the checkout process steps. By highlighting the upcoming ‘shipping’ and ‘payment’ stages with their signature dark gray brand color, Gymshark ensures a seamless and intuitive user experience without deviating too far from the trusted and familiar Shopify layout.

GymShark Checkout


TrueClassicTees has taken a proactive approach to enhancing their Shopify checkout page, integrating not one but three strategic upsells. This streamlined design allows buyers to effortlessly add these offers with a single click, ensuring a frictionless shopping experience.

A noteworthy upsell is their collaboration with Corso, providing shoppers with an option to secure shipping insurance and protection for a nominal fee. Furthermore, TrueClassicTees bolsters consumer confidence right at the endgame: their checkout flaunts badges that emphasize easy returns, free shipping on orders over $100, and authentic 5-star reviews. Such advanced customizations, especially the inclusion of real-time reviews, highlight the capabilities of Shopify Plus checkouts and the brand’s commitment to optimizing the user experience.

TrueClassicTees Checkout


Bleame takes a reassuring approach to their Shopify checkout experience, ensuring that customers are constantly reminded of the brand’s reliability. A standout feature is their persistent announcement bar, which prominently highlights a swift 2-5 day delivery promise alongside a generous 30-day easy return policy. This strategic placement serves to mitigate perceived risks, boosting the buyer’s confidence and potentially enhancing conversion rates. Alongside this, Bleame reinforces its credibility with a robust money-back guarantee.

As with many leading brands, they leverage social proof, proudly spotlighting their extensive global customer base. Such elements coalesce to create a checkout experience that fosters trust and reassures potential buyers of their decision.

Bleame Checkout


Just like TheOodie they opted for a timer for 10 minutes. Then, on the right they only included the benefits to create social proof and product authority.

HismileTeeth Checkout


Bombas, much like FashionNova, has harnessed a unique strategy to enhance their Shopify checkout experience. They dangle an enticing carrot in front of shoppers: the promise of free shipping in exchange for creating an account. This isn’t just a fleeting promotional tactic; it’s a calculated move with multifaceted benefits.

Accounts enable brands like Bombas to store customer data, from basic contact details to special occasions like birthdays. This reservoir of information facilitates personalized marketing and offers. Moreover, it paves the way for introducing subscription models, granting consistent engagement and revenue streams. Every time a customer accesses their account, it’s a touchpoint – free attention that Bombas can capitalize on. Beyond the tangible advantages, this approach is instrumental in fostering deeper customer relationships, transforming one-time purchasers into brand loyalists.

Bombas Checkout


Kyliecosmetics Checkout


Feastables offers a refined, almost minimalistic, approach to their Shopify checkout page. They’ve seamlessly incorporated a one-click cross-sell priced at $29.99, which not only can be added effortlessly but also removed with the same ease, ensuring the buyer’s convenience.

In an eco-conscious move, they’ve partnered with EcoCart, providing shoppers the option to offset their carbon footprint with just a simple checkbox. While Feastables has made these thoughtful additions, they’ve largely retained a Shopify-standard aesthetic, incorporating only subtle tweaks to ensure a familiar and efficient checkout experience.

Feastables Checkout


Allbirds Checkout


FashionNova has taken a distinctly innovative route with their Shopify checkout experience, unveiling a one-page layout that stands out both in functionality and aesthetics. At the forefront, they’ve integrated an opt-in for phone text marketing, allowing them to connect more personally with their audience. The streamlined design lays out the next steps – delivery and payment methods – all on the same page, ensuring a seamless flow for the shopper.

Recognizing the prominence of gift cards in their business, they’ve dedicated a separate field for them, conveniently alongside the discount section. Above all, it’s their design that truly distinguishes them. While many Shopify Plus stores retain a semblance of the platform’s signature look, FashionNova’s checkout page is unabashedly branded, making it one of the most unique and identifiable in the e-commerce space.

FashionNova Checkout


Despite their immense online traction, with ColourPop boasting 3.5 million monthly visitors and KylieCosmetics not far behind at around 700k, both brands have taken a surprisingly straightforward approach to their Shopify checkout experience. Opting for what appears to be the platform’s standard layout, they’ve eschewed customizations that many other high-traffic sites employ. This could be a strategic move, prioritizing familiarity and trustworthiness over flair.

ColourPop Checkout

Shopify Plus Checkout Improvements


Note: The customizations below are only possible on the Shopify Plus Plan, to learn about customizations on other plans, check this Shopify optimization guide →

Based on the above analysis we came up with 10 checkout improvements that are available on Shopify Plus:

1. Urgency Timers: Used by brands like The Oodie, urgency timers are a potent tool to drive quick decision-making. By visually reminding shoppers of a ticking clock, these timers capitalize on the fear of missing out and encourage immediate purchases.

2. Free Shipping Indicators: Highlighting unlocked benefits like free shipping, as seen with The Oodie, can be a decisive factor for many shoppers. It not only offers tangible savings but also strengthens the perceived value proposition of the purchase.

3. Trust Badges and Guarantees: Prominent badges signaling easy returns, money-back guarantees, and free shipping, such as those on Bleame’s and TrueClassicTees’ checkouts, instill confidence and reduce the perceived risk of online shopping.

4. Social Proof: Brands like The Oodie and Bleame spotlight their vast customer base to leverage the power of social proof. By showcasing large numbers of satisfied customers, they establish credibility and foster trust.

5. Streamlined Upsells and Cross-sells: TrueClassicTees and Feastables effectively employ one-click additions to their checkouts, allowing customers to effortlessly enhance their carts. This not only boosts average order value but also enhances the user experience by avoiding redirections.

6. Eco-conscious Collaborations: Feastables’ partnership with EcoCart shows how brands can merge commerce with consciousness. Offering carbon footprint offsets at the point of purchase appeals to environmentally-conscious consumers and can elevate brand perception.

7. Unique Account Benefits: Bombas’ approach of offering free shipping for account creation is ingenious. By incentivizing account setups, brands can gather valuable customer data, pave the way for personalized marketing, and introduce potential subscription models.

8. Prominent Announcement Bars: Consistent reminders, like Bleame’s announcement of 2-5 day delivery, serve as reassurances right through the checkout process. Such elements keep key selling points in the customer’s purview, reinforcing their decision to purchase.

9. Simplified, One-Page Checkouts: FashionNova’s one-page checkout design emphasizes ease of use. By having all elements on a single page, from text marketing opt-ins to delivery and payment methods, the brand ensures a smooth and swift checkout process.

10. Prioritizing Familiarity: Sometimes, less is more. Brands like ColourPop and KylieCosmetics, despite their massive following, stick to Shopify’s standard checkout design. This approach prioritizes familiarity, ensuring that customers navigate a well-trodden and trusted path.

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