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Add Reward Program on Shopify

Setting up a rewards program on a Shopify store is like offering a loyalty card at a coffee shop.

For every purchase a customer makes, they earn points or rewards.

Over time, these points can be redeemed for discounts or special offers, encouraging customers to return and shop again.

2 Hours starting budget
1-2 Days Delivery

See an Example of an Reward Program Setup on Shopify

Smile.io Rewards Program Setup for Shopify

1. User-Friendly App Installation: We’ll seamlessly integrate smile.io, a renowned app, to help you kickstart your loyalty program on Shopify.

2. Points System for Enhanced Engagement: With our service, you can incentivize customers to return, make more purchases, and even follow your brand on social media. Each of these actions will allow them to accumulate points.

3. Exclusive VIP Tiers: To ensure your top customers feel valued, our setup includes VIP tiers. These tiers offer exclusive perks and rewards, ensuring your best shoppers remain engaged and loyal.

4. Referral Incentives: Your customers can easily refer their friends to your store. In return, both the referrer and the referred can earn rewards, promoting organic growth for your business.

5. Personalized Branding: The rewards panel we set up won’t just be functional—it’ll also be aesthetic. We’ll ensure it aligns with your brand, making it intuitive and visually appealing for your customers.

6. Hassle-Free Management: You don’t need to be tech-savvy to manage this program. With smile.io, you can easily tweak and manage your loyalty program without diving into code.

7. Integration with Your Favorite Tools: The program doesn’t just stop at rewarding points. With Smile’s integrations, you can reward customers for leaving reviews or even promote your loyalty program through email or SMS marketing campaigns. Tools like Klaviyo can be easily integrated to elevate your rewards program further.

How much does the app cost?
The app is free to use up to 200 orders, after which is has tiered pricing.

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