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Design Cart & Add Upsells & Cross-Sells

We will analyze your store design, products, and offers to create a cart concept.

You’ll get to preview it, request corrections, and have easy controls to edit offers and the cart design going forward.

15 Hours starting budget
5-7 Days Delivery

In this service we’ll design a prototype of the cart following your website & branding design.

We’ll identify what are your best offers and best products and create upsells for them.

The number one most used upsell is the Free Shipping Bar calculator.

If you currently don’t offer free shipping it will make sense to create a certain threshold after which you’ll offer free shipping. This helps reduce abandoned carts, and also get bigger value purchases.

If your average order value is $50, then putting “Order over $60 and get free shipping” will help you both sell more and get happier customers, and lower amount of abandoned carts.

Types of offers supported

1. 1-Click Upsell
2. Free Shipping Calculator
3. Gift Product for Big Purchase
4. Discount for Big Purchase
5. Custom Cross-Sells
6. Upgrade Order (Offer upgrade to more expensive option)
7. Order Bump (Gift wrapping, Insured shipping, Priority Shipping, Personalization, etc.)

Besides offers you can take advantage of other elements to help your cart conversions:
1. Discount in cart (shoppers can see total savings in the cart this way avoiding confusion & negative surprises at checkout, and makes them more likely to continue from cart to checkout)
2. Timer in cart (ex. Your items are reserved for 15 minutes)
3. Dynamic Payment Options (Offer Apple Pay, Paypal, Google Pay or any other payments supported by Shopify directly in the cart, thus minimizing the steps to complete the purchase and offering familiar payment methods)
4. Show sticky bubble cart, this way the shoppers are able to view the cart and items from any side of the screen, making it easier and simpler to checkout with 1 click

Example 1

Offers used:
1. Free Shipping over $25
2. Buy 5 get $5
3. 1-Click Upsell

1. Discount in Cart
2. Upgrade to subscription

Shopify Cart transformation by Flex Upsell Cart

Example 2

Offers Used:
1. Free Shipping over 75 GBP
2. Buy Any 3+ Items Get 10% Off
3. Cross-Sells (works with custom logic, when shopper adds product X show product Y)
4. When User buys over 150 GBP there’s an extra 10% discount

Additional Features:
1. Discount in Cart
2. Supports multiple currencies
3. Dynamic Payment methods

Best practices for the Shopify cart

1. Use free shipping 10-20% above your current AOV

2. Use cross-sell for your best products bought based on your analytics

3. Show same product as 1-click upsell if your product is likely to be bought in bulk

4. Offer a gift product from your products that don’t sell as well for big purchases (ex. get free t-shirt for orders over $150)

5. Offer a gift cart instead of a discount motivating people to come back and buy again 20% off $150 is a $30 gift card, same discount but different long-term effect

6. Text usages in Cart

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