Services / Setup Slide Cart on Shopify for 2 Click Checkout (without Apps)

Setup Slide Cart on Shopify for 2 Click Checkout (without Apps)

A slide cart on Shopify enhances user experience by providing a smooth and quick preview of items added, without navigating away from the current page.

This immediate feedback can boost customer confidence and potentially increase sales by streamlining the checkout process.

5 Hours starting budget
2-3 Days Delivery

See an Example of a Slide Cart in Use

Slide Cart Setup for Shopify Stores by EcomRolodex

Elevate your Shopify store experience with our efficient slide cart integration. Cater to the modern shopper’s needs with a seamless, interactive, and effective cart view.


  1. Enhanced User Experience: Allow your customers to preview their cart instantly without leaving their current page. This smooth transition boosts user confidence and keeps them engaged.
  2. Mobile Compatibility: Our slide cart functions perfectly on mobile devices, maintaining the same intuitive experience of viewing cart contents on-the-go.
  3. Upsell Opportunities: Introduce potential upsells directly within the cart, encouraging customers to explore more products and increase their order value.
  4. Free Shipping Threshold: Motivate customers to add more to their cart by displaying a free shipping threshold. As they approach the threshold, the incentive to reach free shipping can drive additional sales.
  5. Convenient Payment Methods: Make the checkout process even smoother by showcasing available payment methods right below the checkout button.


  • Quantity Selector: Let your customers decide how many of an item they want, with easy-to-use increase and decrease quantity buttons.
  • Remove Products with Ease: A simple option for customers to remove items if they change their mind.
  • Free Shipping Indicator: Automatically show if a product ships for free or if the total cart value qualifies for free shipping.

What We Need from You:

  • Store Access: Just grant us access to your Shopify store, and we’ll handle the rest, ensuring a seamless integration with minimal disruption to your operations.

Choose EcomRolodex to revolutionize your cart experience. Let’s create a smoother, more interactive shopping journey for your customers.

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